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So, you want to know how to make a

Hello everybody!!!

Here are 10 easy steps
  • Step (1) You need an idea. Sketch your idea on a piece of paper. Just a tip, use a single scene. Keep in mind that you can have a super duper funny idea, but it may become a pain in the ass to draw. Use the KISS (Keep It Simple Schtickman) principle.
 Let's create a simple "Schtickman" animation
I chose my "SMASH" animation as an example.

  • Step (2) I would suggest to use the basic “MS Paint” program (the one that comes with Windows). It is easy to use and because of its simplicity, you do not need a fancy schmancy program that has amazing features. You can use those programs like Photo Paint and other useful graphic programs to create some great effects later on, but for now I would suggest something easy to work with. Open up “Paint” (click on Start/Programs/Accessories/Paint)

  • Step (3) Draw a bunch of Schtickmen at the end of the road.
Now save the picture as i.e.: "smash.bmp" (File/Save)

  • Step (4) Open up the “Paint” program again. If you have the Paint program open twice, you can use the "smash.bmp" as your main scene and use the other program to draw your action scene. Here I drew a truck!
Now you have drawn the truck,
click on Edit/Select_All, now click again on Edit/Copy

  • Step (5) Switch over to your "smash.bmp" picture (the first Paint program you opened up) and click on Edit/Paste and position the truck picture at the far end of your drawing. Remember you will be creating something no different than a film strip.
and click on File/Save_As   and saved it as "smash1.bmp"

  • Step (6) Now click on File and open the "smash.bmp" picture again. Click on Edit/Paste and position the truck picture a small movement over to the right and click on File/Save_As   and save it as "smash2.bmp"

  • Step (7) Repeat step 6

  • Step (8) Now it might get a little tricky. You need to open up the “smash.bmp” picture and click on Edit/Select_All, now click on Edit/Cut. You now have a blank film strip. Paste the truck and position it in the next sequence. Now you have to redraw all the schtickmen shown below. Repeat the steps and try to visualize a film strip. Note, there will be trial and error trying to find the perfect flow, but HEY!, they’re only schtickmen. You do not have to be perfect, as long as you express your humor.


  • Step (9)  I use a gif animator program like Animagic or GIF Movie gear which sequences all my little BMP pictures together. I set the speed and frame rate. It sounds easy, but it takes a little gett'in used to just like any other software.
  • Step (10) Post it up on your server. Have a buddy review your creation and give you a little criticism. It will improve your technique and help catch silly little mistakes.

  • I hope I was able to explain it properly to ya.

There is always a better way to skin a cat they say. You can use the copy/paste by right clicking the pictures, use transparencies feature etc. Just experiment, start with something simple. You will pick it up in no time. Remember, just have fun! I am.

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